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            Guangxi Liuzhou Special Transformer Co., Ltd., “LTB” , built in 1967 and having about 50-year transformer research and manufacture history, is the director unit of Transformer Branch of China Electricity Industry Association and the national high-tech enterprise.


             With about 100 patents authorized by the state, LTB is a collection of production, study and research as one integrated enterprise which has strong transformer research ability by strong technology and advanced production craftwork. The “Special Transformer Engineering Technology Research Center” of company stands for high technical level in the field of special transformer.


            LTB has got “Quality management system certificate”, “Environmental management system certificate” and “Occupational health and safety management system certificate”, also established ERP management system. The products of LTB are spread all over China and exported to India, Malaysia, Burma, Vietnam, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, North Korea, Ghana, etc and earned high praise from her customers.