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            2018 China Distribution and Technology Peak BBS
            Source:LTB Author:WILL 發布日期: 2018-08-30

            On August 23, 2018, jointly organized by China Electric Power Research Institute Co., LTD. and China Electric Power Enterprise Association Science and Technology Development Service Center, assisted by Huawei Technologies Co., LTD., China Energy Institute  Electricity Technology Branch,  undertake by National Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Technology Network (EPTC), Intermediate Guoyan (Beijing) Electric Power Research Institute , 2018 China Distribution and Technology Peak BBS hold in China Science and Technology Hall, more than 800 distribution professionals attend the meeting.  

            At the meeting, under the leadership of State Grid Corporation of China, China Electric Power Research Institute, State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company, State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company, Nanrui Group, Xuji Group and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. jointly released the new intelligent distribution and transformation terminals.