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            It is our tradition to provide excellent service to our customers. We has a professional and skilled after-sales service team with a strong sense of responsibility, actively provides users with on-site installation and commission guidance, provides technical advice according to users' requirements, and conducts all-round tracking of products by phone, email and other means.Respond to the user's questions in time and deal with them quickly to ensure the user's satisfaction.We promise as follows:

            1. Provide technical data and drawings specified in the contract to users in a timely manner.Invite users to participate in the technical design review of the product if necessary.

            2. Arrive at the site for technical services at the time required by the user, and guide the user to install, commission and test the whole set product according to the our technical data and drawings.

            3. We will provide the technical conditions and materials that meet the requirements of the equipment interface for the supporting equipment of the contract equipment purchased by the user.

            4. Strictly implement the meeting minutes or agreement formed by both parties on relevant issues.

            5. Held training courses on equipment installation, commissioning, use and maintenance for users in accordance with the contract.

            6. Strengthen pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services, and implement the concepts of "timely service", "advanced service", "whole-process service" and "lifelong service" in the whole process of product design, manufacturing, installation, debugging and maintenance.

            7. After receiving the quality problem information reflected by the user, reply within 4 hours, and dispatch service personnel to the site as soon as possible according to the user's demand to ensure that the user is not satisfied with the quality and the service will not stop.

            8. Timely meet the requirements of users for spare parts.